This tester is used to test the damping force of steam turbine rakes and self-propeller rakes to determine the quality of shock absorbers.

1、Capacity:2000 kg
2、Line speed:0.05~2.0 m/sec (stroke by 500 mm)
3、Test stroke (adjustable):0~100 mm,fixed size:20、30、40、50、75、 100、150、200 mm(or as request)
4、Adjusted stroke:MAX. 1000 mm
5、Internal test space:240 × 1000
6、Axle driving system:Servo motor + control system
7、Crosshead up/down hydraulic lockingdevice
8、Grips to be decided by actual sample (optional)
9、Crosshead up/down limit protection
10、Electric control system:crossheadup/down key, home, axle start/stop, testNG、OK key, error, counter, buzzer, emergency stop
Auto/manual switch key, hydraulic grip ; cable controller…etc
11、Computer cabinet for PC, monitor,keyboard, AMP, printer
12、Test program 1 set
13、Hydraulic grip and hydraulic power system 1 set
(Grips are optional not included in the offer.)
14、Dimensions:1700 × 1300 × 1750
15、Control box:700 × 900 × 1750
16、Weight :about 1500 kg